Barcelona hotel – booked!

You may remember from a previous post that I am hunting out ideas for my 2014 trips abroad – well I have taken a step  forward in my Barcelona planning and have booked the hotel!

We are going to be staying at the Andante Hotel, which is extremely central – only a short walk to Las Ramblas where all the restaurants and bars are. It looks to be very boutique-modern and has a gorgeous infinity pool on the rooftop!

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Rooftop pool

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For £95 a night for the room, we think we’ve got a good deal, as it also includes breakfast. For high season (July), we are only paying around £10 more than some people who are staying in a shared room in a hostel!



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Next step is flights – we are scanning the airwaves every day for the best deal – we might have to play the long game with this one….

Andante Hotel –


2014 Jaunts – Ideas Please!

Happy New Year to all bloggers and readers – I hope you survived the turkey time and didn’t overindulge on New Years Eve!

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So I’ve been thinking about the various trips I want to do this year and trying to work out the best way to save for them (don’t you wish you had all the money in the world?!). But more than anything I need advice and ideas for what to do and see in each of the places – even any good deals anyone has had before.

I thought what better way to get those ideas than from the blogging community! So if you can check out the places I am going and give me some tips – I would consider that a fantastic New Years gift!

1. Barcelona, Spain.

To start, I will be attending a friend’s wedding in Barcelona in July this year. I think this will be a four-day trip, over a weekend. We have checked out various flights and there are some great cheap airline options available, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

But we haven’t booked anything in the way of accommodation yet – we aren’t dependent on hotels or apartments and will consider all options.

My boyfriend has been to Barcelona before and is keen to show me the sights – but if anyone has any specific recommendations for restaurants or locally renowned places, please let us know!

2. Marrakech, Morocco 

A friend of mine is really keen to head to Morocco for a long weekend later in the year (we were thinking around August or September time). The plan is to stay in a hotel, visit some bazaars, eat some lovely food and have a few cocktails!

Again – we have nothing booked here at all yet, no accommodation, flights or knowledge about the local area. It is very much in the ideas stage! If anyone has visited before, please pass on the travellers knowledge!

3. Colombia

Finally, towards the end of the year, my boyfriend and I are debating a trip to South America to visit the highly recommended country of Colombia. A family friend lives in Bogotá, which will probably help when flying in and out of the country, but otherwise we are not tied to any specific route or location.

We are not thinking this trip will include expensive hotels, so we are more likely to stay in hostels and independent guest houses. But we are definitely going to be looking for exciting things to do and see, so if you have been to Colombia and have anything you can recommend, please make your recommendation known!

Thank you! 

That’s it for now – there will be a few other small trips in between and most likely in the UK, but they are my main focus for the year. I thank each of you for taking an interest in the blog and for any thoughts and ideas you are happy to part with for my benefit!

Happy New Year all!